Since establishing our business in 1999, we’ve focused on hands-on and personalized service for our ideal clients: the people who care about their own customers and personnel as much as we care about ours. We create strong connections; our average client relationship lasts for ten years or more.

For many people, technology can be frustrating: it’s constantly changing, expensive, and time consuming. We are passionate about clearing an easier path for our clients so that they are freed up to do what they love to do. We work with a diverse array of businesses and organizations, which empowers us with insights into the best technology solutions across industries. We recognize what works and what doesn’t, and we take pride in saving our clients time and money.

Our ability to select the right method of technology management for each client sets us apart from other service providers. Paradyn Technology is built on our love for solving problems for people, and the breadth of our experience allows us to support many types of customers. Our clients love our relaxed approach to managing complex technology challenges.

People choose us because they know we care about their success as much as they do. In the process of solving technology problems, our customers know they will experience minimal disruption to their functionality. Our dedication to understanding each client’s business systems and priorities enables us to guide them in sorting through the myriad technology solutions being advertised so that they may select only the approaches that will be most cost-effective and efficient for them.


“Bill and his team are vital IT support for our complex network of multiple servers, workstations, and software applications. They have helped us since early 2004. The team’s expert knowledge to setup and maintain our software applications is paramount to our top-notch customer service.  Paradyn provides our firm with responsive and reliable service that is second to none.” —Steve, CPA firm owner.